At Dark Valentine

Good news and bad news from the same source.

The good news — my story, Gossamer Yellow, is live today in issue 5 of Dark Valentine with a fantastic illustration by Jane Burson.

She captured what I had in mind perfectly.  Thank you, Jane.

The bad news — the first anniversary issue for this lovely publication marks its demise.

Publishing these days, print or electronic, is a dicey business.

Thank you Katherine, Joy and Joanne for what you’ve given us.

I’m sorry for the loss.

One thought on “At Dark Valentine

  1. I catch your drift. I was chocked to find out my beloved fantasy magazine was gone: especially because of tht unique ‘open for everyone’ policy the editors honored. I got a story published for the first time on their website (which made me real proud), so I had a – even more – soft spot for the magazine.

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